Terms and Conditions

kindly read the terms and conditions carefully.

personal information

regardless of whether custmers acknowledges these terms and conditions, any identifiable data given by custmers should be liable to Tatbiqat Security approach, which can be perused.

description of the services

services are the products and/or services by which Tatbiqat Will market custmers's business/service through different online strategies, sites, and so forth (the "administrations").

the following are the present "services" offerings, which may change every once in a while. For custmers, these terms and conditions will just apply to such of the services as requested and paid by custmers, and provisioned by Tatbiqat :

unless custmers has connected with Tatbiqat To give a small scale site, custmers is in charge of the quality and accuracy of its own site and its landing page(s), or redirect sites that link to its ads.

fees for Tatbiqat


custmers must establish one of the following two strategies for payment. Credit card to be consequently charged by Tatbiqat And also a bank cheque on the name on Tatbiqat

all expenses must be paid in kwd. Custmers is exclusively in charge of any applicable taxes. All expenses are expected as per the settled upon charge plan, or instantly upon custmers's receipt of receipt, as appropriate. Custmers concurs that any setup expenses or one-time service installments are nonrefundable.

late payment

installments made by charging of a credit card or debiting of a bank account are targeted in order to avoid the inconvenience of late payment to both parties. Notwithstanding, it is custmers's obligation to guarantee that Tatbiqat Has the most updated credit card or bank account information, and that such strategies are suitable for installment of the expenses because of Tatbiqat For the services.

recurring payments and term of agreement

if custmers wishes any time to decide the present contract term for any of the services, or some other data with respect to the amount or foreseen date of any consequently repeating installment, or the term, end, or reestablishment of the services, the same will be accessible on request through telephone, chat or email.

the term of every service should start as of the date of acknowledgment of these terms and conditions by custmers. Charging will happen as a one-time installment or a consequently repeating regularly scheduled installment, as put forward in the particular product/service terms and conditions for the service provided.

early termination fee

in the event custmers terminates services preceding to completion of the contract term then custmers consents to pay an early termination fee equivalent to the rest of the contract value. Contract value is dictated by taking the number of months consented to in the agreement or inclusion request times the month to month expenses appropriate to the services.


custmers understands that Tatbiqat May alter its standard terms and conditions and service offerings from time to time and that Tatbiqat Reserves the right to modify the valuing of such services, effective upon the following renewal recharging date of the affected service(s), after at the very least thirty (30) days' advance written notice to custmers. Taking after the satisfaction of introductory contract terms, if the agreement does not accommodate renewal restoration for an extra term of over one month, then the agreement might be considered month-to-month and custmers might be liable to revised terms and conditions and/or pricing following receipt of such notice. Custmers is urged to enter a long term contract or contracts to alter pricing, terms, and conditions. Custmers and Tatbiqat Can change the services whenever upon common understanding.


custmers is authorized to access Tatbiqat -possessed, operated, or hosted sites that require log in or account details exclusively to deal with custmers's advertising account(s). Custmers agrees that it won't use the site or any substance in that for whatever other reason and that it won't distribute any specific data. Custmers’s right to get to its account with Tatbiqat Is personal to custmers and non-assignable and is liable to any limits imposed by Tatbiqat . Custmers agrees that it won't utilize any automated scripts, robots or spiders, to access the custmers's account with Tatbiqat Or to monitor or duplicate Tatbiqat Website or the substance contained in that, aside from those automated means explicitly made accessible by Tatbiqat .


custmers comprehends that, any data or information given by the custmers to Tatbiqat May not be processed on a real time basis and might be liable to the latency of the internet, the Tatbiqat Frameworks and system of third party accomplices and search engines.

ownership of non-custmers property

title and full proprietorship rights in and to the services, together with all concepts, ideas, campaign optimizations, computer programs, and other technology supporting or generally identifying with Tatbiqat Operation of the Tatbiqat Arrange, the Tatbiqat Bid management, task management, and optimization platform and website(s) (altogether, the "Tatbiqat Materials"), might stay at all times exclusively with Tatbiqat And/or with the particular outsourced supplier or author, or with Tatbiqat Promotional partner if appropriate and if promotional partner was the owner of the same. Custmers recognizes that it has not obtained any ownership interest for the Tatbiqat Materials and won't secure any ownership interest for the Tatbiqat Materials by reason of this agreement.

custmers's site

unless custmers's website is designed and provided by Tatbiqat As a part of its services, custmers therefore acknowledges that neither Tatbiqat Nor its promotional partner (if appropriate) is in charge of the development, support, and operation of the custmers website(s), nor for any content or different materials that appear on, and all visitors to, the custmers website(s), nor is Tatbiqat Or its promotional partner in charge of order entry, payment processing, shipping, cancellations, returns, or client service concerning orders placed on custmers's website(s). Custmers further warrants that it will not add to or place upon its site any Tatbiqat Or promotional partner claimed or licensed content, including but not constrained to any Tatbiqat Search listings, aside from as per a different consented to subsidiary arrangement with Tatbiqat .

additional assistance

in case the custmers requests or purchases any extra help including tracking codes or making any changes to custmers's website(s), regarding service, then custmers consents to to provide Tatbiqat With access to perform the requested or purchased additional assistance. Custmers recognizes that any extra help given by Tatbiqat Is likewise subject to the impediments of risk in this agreement.

no third party beneficiaries

the contracts, endeavors, and agreements put forward in this agreement are exclusively for the advantage of and enforceable by the parties, and where shown, promotional partner, or their particular successors or permitted assigns.

revision policy

Tatbiqat Guarantees you unlimited revisions according to your selected packages. Customers can ask for revisions as per the package and no additional fee will be charged. However, design and concept will remain the same and the customer can post revision on any one of the provided options. Revision on multiple options is either not allowed or will be charged separately. Normal revision turnaround time would be 48 to 72 hours for website development & ecommerce consulting and 3 to 5 days for web applications, mobile applications & games development. Functionality and html revisions turnaround time may vary as per the revision scope.

website content policy

for the normal websites all content (images, headings, copy, text etc.) Will be provided by client. In-case of an e-commerce website up to 10 to 30 sample products will be provided by the Tatbiqat Team and sample product information will also be provided by client including product name, product price, and product images and shipping policy. Cms and e-commerce management will be handled by Tatbiqat .

refund policy

Tatbiqat Ensures 100% customer satisfaction with our unlimited free revision policy which enables you to improve on your initial design brief free of charge through your account area. In case of any duplicate charge due to processing error, failing to fulfill any of your special designing requirements or not being able to complete your design order as per the delivery policy, your complete design order amount will be refunded.

in case of any dissatisfaction from any design services provided by Tatbiqat , you can submit a refund request within five days of your initial designs completion. However, it shall be assumed between both parties that you are satisfied with your initial designs if a refund request is not received within five days of initial designs delivery. For any special / combo packages, the same refund policy will be applicable as for the single design packages. After the refund, your design rights would be obtained by Tatbiqat And you would not be able to display any version of the design sent by the company.

quality assurance policy

in order to provide you the desired satisfaction, our designers deliver according to client’s specifications and needs. The designs created are after a thorough research and analysis that ensures that the design quality and uniqueness is maintained throughout. Our free multiple revision offer ensures that you get a 100% satisfaction. We rework the ordered design and keep on revising it until you are completely satisfied.

delivery policy

we deliver all our customized design orders via an e-mail within 20 to 30 days of receiving the order.

ownership of the work

once an art work is approved and the final file is sent to the client after the complete payment, the client owns all the rights of the paid art work. All the claims and copyrights of the design are then transferred to the client.

copyrights & trademarks

the client retains full ownership of the logos, the drafts and all related materials. The website retains the right to use the logos solely for promotional purpose, including as part of our portfolio, and should under no circumstances sell, or use for profit unless explicitly authorized by the client.the client has the right to use the design, graphics, logos, and text contained, at his discretion.the website should use the logos in a fair and legal manner which does not damage the client’s reputation and integrity.

record maintenance

we keep a record of your finalized design once we provide you the final files. If you require the final files again in the future we can send them to you at your request. The data will be maintained for a period of 6 months, after which the files will be permanently deleted.

How to contact us

Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please send us an email at:info@tatbiqat.com.